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I search for my companion of the night... Member Name: CrimsonShadow Member ID: 004239
Mixed Race, 30, Single spokane, Washington, United States

Personal Details
Gender: Bi - Female
Age: 30
Race: Mixed Race
Marital Status: Single
Children: 0
Religion: Pagan
Drinking: Light/social drinker
Smoking: Light/social smoker
Food: Non Vegetarian
Occupation: Homemaker
Education: High school
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Paganism
Hair - Short
Hair - Long
Corporate Goth
Familiars - Other
Familiars - Cat
Clothing - Industrial/Metal/Chains
Clothing - Corsets
Clothing - Leather
Clothing - Vinyl
Clothing - PVC
Music - Electronic
Music - Industrial
Music - Industrial
Music - Gothic
Food and Wine
Yoga / Meditation
Movies / Cinema
Travel / Sightseeing
Theatre / Ballet
Computers / Internet / Graphic Arts
Singing / Playing Instrument
Literature / History
Hiking / Camping
Music - Rock
Music - New Age/World
Music - Blues/Jazz
Music - Classical / Opera
Music - Alternative
Cars / Motorcycles
Astrology / New Age
Arts / Crafts
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Body Type: Average
Height: 5'2''-5'6'' (157cm-169cm)

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General Information
I'm an Alternative model, working on getting more tattoos. I
mostly love metal, things like Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot,
Blind Guardian ect I'm a romantic at heart and affectionate,
I need someone who wouldn't be distant, has an open-mind,
faithful and serious about the relationship but also fun,
someone who'd go with me to concerts, supportive of my
modeling, and would just spend a lot of time with me. I'm
looking for love again, I prefer to date for the long run, I
would like someone who treats me well, I don't want anymore
broken hearts, nor do I want to break any more hearts. I'm
an ex-navy dependent and I live with an old friend who
recently got a girlfriend. I don't know many people in my
area which makes me lonely but I am a very fun person. In
high school I was a thespian and a high choir student, and
all my extra classes were in art. I can't dance to save my
life :) I'm also a bit of a gamer/geek, I duel Pokemon and
Magic The Gathering with my roommate, we go to tournaments
every now and then and I do play a decent assortment of
video games lol There's a lot more but I have difficulty
listing things off the top of my head.
Stuff I copy and paste, excuse me if things seem repetitive
lol This is a long read, But I need to be sure that
hopefully men who read this get to know me before sending a
message, I need someone that I have things in common with
and can tolerate me for every aspect of who I am..not just
want to date me for looks.. I am, for the most part, a
bookworm, I love to read, paranormal romance is my genre of
choice. I am a die-hard Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, I love the
Dark-Hunter series, and its symbol is one of two tattoos on
my body, self done, single needle, no gun, three hours. The
other is a music heart and the quote "the greatest thing
you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" on
my left forearm also self done, 12 hours. I'd have to say my
favorite character is Simi, if you'd like to delve deeper
into my personality I have a lot of things in common with
her ;) I also write and enjoy poetry. I am a metal head,
it's my favorite genre of music, I don't like hip-hop, rap,
things like that, there's very few exceptions. I Like almost
everything else though, just mostly metal, alternative,
indie stuff like that :) Games: I am not elite, I am not a
hardcore gamer (because I don't have the time for it or very
good hand-eye coordination lol) but I have several I enjoy,
mostly along the linees of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts,
Devil May Cry, Dante's Inferno, Left For Dead, Katamari
Damacy, Okami, Jak and Daxter, there's more but I can't list
them off the top of my head. The only sport i really
enjoy/am good at is bowling, though in school I did want to
do soccer.. I've tried fishing a couple times, only ever
caught things about 4 inches long due to the area, but I do
love fishing. I used to swim a lot also, I lived near an
ocean almost my entire life, whether t was the pool or beach
I love being in the water. I also used to do a lot of
biking, don't have a bike anymore but I would go 11 mile
segments every other day in 98+ degree heat to go see the
boyfriend that didn't appreciate me. I am a thespian,
though I mostly was a techie. For those of you out the who
don't know what that is or thought of sexual-orientation, in
short, I am a theater geek, and proud member of the
international thespian society (the only real
extra-curricular I was ever able/allowed to do.) I spent
more time back stage than on-stage, I was the hair and make
up artist and also worked on costumes :3 I try my hand at
drawing, I'm decent when inspired though it consists of a
"tattoo style" art, I'm much better at sculptures, mostly
with metal wire :3 Also irrelevant but my Father was in the
navy 29 years, I spent my whole life traveling, California,
Texas, Hawaii, Japan and Tennessee are all places I grew up
though I lived in Japan and Tennessee about 6 years each. He
was also a Harley man so I love motorcycles, one day I plan
on learning to ride, maybe start out with a Ninja or Katana.
As for food I'm not entirely picky, my favorites are
Japanese (I love sushi), Filipino (I'm half filipino, grew
up eating some "weird" stuff lol), and Italian (almost
everything). I love cooking and baking, I can't eat spicy
food, sadly, I'm half and half with veggies, I know I love
spinach, hate things like egg[plant or asparagus. I do try
everything at least once, it is certain I hate all aspects
of coconut, I love most fruits though. I love music, I used
to pay the guitar and piano but I never got very good and
eventually lost the hand for both, but I do still sing as I
always have..I was in some pretty top stuff back in high
school, I'm a developed singer, not that pop stuff most
girls do.. had a crazy dream of being female vocals for a
metal band once..still wouldn't mind trying it, I'm very shy

Looking for
Do not make your greeting an automatic flirt, that will
instantly make me lose interest, I can accept a compliment
but if your first words to me are purely sexual or
flirtatious or something suffering to me being beautiful or
something like that I probably won't reply, I'm not a prude,
I just have a little more class than most girls. I date only
for the long run, I jump into a relationship only if I can
see it lasting long and maybe being the last relationship,
I'm tired of flings, tired of being cheated on, lied to,
hurt. I can be overwhelming, I have jealous tendencies, I
try to move slowly but it just doesn't work. I'm a romantic
at heart, and I suppose more so an old fashioned romantic?
When I was younger it made me smile to see boys knocking on
my window at 2 am and sneaking out. I like walks at night
and in the heavy rain especially but I also spend a lot of
time in the sun. I like things visual, rain, ocean, pretty
colored flowers, shiny objects etc, I'm a bit strange.. I
used to be wild, crazy and unpredictable but not so much
anymore seeing as it has gotten me more bad memories than
good. Now all I want is to fall in love, the deep, romantic,
heart pounding kind that likely does not exist in this day
and age..run off and get married by a shore at sunset and
have a family, that sort of thing... I'm very sarcastic and
very lude but I'm not mean, I have a very..unique..sense of
humor :) I also tend to be clingy, I can't do distance at
all, if I'm not at least able to get to you by taking the
city bus then chances are I won't reply..Also, call me
superficial if you like but I rarely reply, I'm very
intuitive, very impulsive, very analytic..I reply if I
believe I would get along with a person or see things
possibly going somewhere, I do not like to lead people on or
give false hope, so please excuse me if I am silent..If you
are sweet, the effort is appreciated, I'm just a
bit..complex. It's rare I find a man of interest, I'm not
into bulging muscles nor skeletons, I think I like long hair
best..Mostly I want an old style Gothic Romantic who loves
metal, strolls in the dead of night, a poetic dark soul
maybe..I can't be certain till I've met the one I search
Gender: Male
Age From: 18
Age To: 28
Casual - Dating
Long Term Relationship

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