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"Claw Embedded Eyes" Member Name: Vermiis Mortuorum Member ID: 007021
Caucasian, 39, Single Manhattan, New York, United States

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Children: 0
Religion: Other
Drinking: Non drinker
Smoking: Non smoker
Food: Blood
Occupation: Other
Education: Bachelors Degree
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Ghost Towns
Off Roading
Literature / History
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 5'7''-5'11'' (170cm-180cm)

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General Information
Hello. I am very much a cumulative result as well as a
combination of polarized opposites which altogether comprise
a very unique form of “balance” and this has been
achieved through the exploration of many extreme paths;
paths explored in succession but whereby each new path was
in diametric opposition contrast with its preceding path.
The only “Truth” desired by most are the false
truths which they have been indoctrinated by and the
idealized malignant fairy tales of that indoctrination which
serve solely to reinforce what they have decided, on a
solely emotionalism based level, to WANT to be truth and
which they then cling to as such like fearful babies and
this is ultimately what they sincerely desire as opposed to
the actual truth which, in my mind, is quite near to
extinction now, persecuted out of existence by our parasitic
control grid and replaced with its verminous untruths.
People, overall, no longer possess reasoned logical
lateral critical thinking skills. Many are intrinsically
incapable of such but those who are capable, in potential,
have been thoroughly indoctrinated by their corrupted and
completely pernicious mass news media, popular culture
tv/movies/music, and the entirety of higher and lower
academia to accept in sincerity belief systems, paradigms,
and histories which are mountains of revisionism, lies,
deceit, inversions, distortions, contrivances, untruths, and
fabrications and all of which are ulterior in motivation and
based entirely upon subterfuge and the interpretations and
responses of such “accepted” deceptions by the masses
are by willful intention designed, through their
brainwashing by means of all of the aforementioned mass
media, to be driven and dictated by pure emotionalism and
rhetorical sophistry and not at all upon the aforementioned
“reasoned logical lateral critical thinking skills” and
that is the most unfortunate and sad place of desolation
where we now are. All perceptual interpretations,
inferences drawn, and perspectives upon supposed
“reality” are largely asserted and defined through all
of the “screens” they are transfixed by in mesmerism,
adoring worship, idolatry, narcissism, and addiction and
this is a dire and grave situation indeed. Your perceptual
determination “filters” are your internet, your social
media, your mass news media, and all of your pop culture
intake of tv, movies, and music and they are entirely
corrupted and pernicious. All of your academia is not any
better as it is designed and controlled in the same manner
and by the same parasites as contrived, distorted,
deceptive, defective, fabricated, inverted, manipulated,
revisionist, and fraudulent and nearly the entirety of what
is presented is also not straightforward in its integral
intentions but rather, in an overarching and
multidimensional sense, is entirely propaganda and is
predicated upon ulterior and nefarious motivations based on
subterfuge and, oh yeah, I hate to disappoint everyone here
as I realize how much everyone enjoys and defines who and
what they are through polarization but BOTH sides to nearly
all conflict based dynamics which we are all presented with
of rhetoric, theory, ideology, the social, the economic, the
political, and of pretty much all alleged “reality”
through those “screens” and through our fraud academia
are designed, manipulated, and controlled from “above”
by a “third party” who designs and controls each fake
and artificial side to all conflict binaries for the express
purpose of the enslavement, deception, and parasitic
extraction of our minds and bodies. All of your presented
worldwide political systems, all political parties and
leaders, and all legislative and law making bodies and
officials are characterized by the exact same contrivance,
deception, and fraud. If you were to actually “know” how
much of what you have been taught and told of your
surrounding past and present is in actuality utter lies,
fraud, deceit, inversion, and fabrication then your
emotions, intellect, and perception would likely shatter
into useless unhinged fragmented tatters to such an extent
whereby your gravitation unto the direction and acceptance
of any actual truth and reality would be highly unlikely and
the irrevocable and irredeemable deepening of your
preexisting layers of psychopathic indoctrination and your
overarching psychosis would be actualized and assured.

Looking for
Any of the species Succubi ... To find someone to connect
with in a rare and especial way as though experiencing birth
and death simultaneously. Someone with whom you can talk and
reveal yourself to deeply and endlessly as an inward toward,
symbiotic, and progressive exchange into the very blackness
and nothingness of all that surrounds you both as well as
all that you both are and in ways that you unveil yourself
to absolutely no other. Ranting to each other about the most
serious and integral of things as well as the most absurd
and silliest stuff conceivable and still furthermore
speaking beyond the limitations and liabilities of mere
words and language but speaking without words; speaking into
each other’s eyes and then further still beyond that to a
place where time seemingly stops or at least where time no
longer matters at all and thereby forming an impenetrable
circle of just two, one inaccessible to all others. ... a
graveyard jewel excavated, a mortiferous belle unleashed, a
necrophiliac princess unveiled, an exquisite queen of
embalming, an ethereal exoticism sculptured charnel girl, a
ghastly somber vampiric Brat of corruption and decay, a
comely morbid lady of vermination ...
Gender: Female
Age From: 18
Age To: 33
Long Term Relationship

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